• A-Peace Camps

    Peace Camps are our activities at academic institutions where we engage with students via dialogue on peace. Using techniques of performing arts, especially live theatre on the subject of peace and countering extremism is one of the key features of Peace Camps.

  • B-Meditation Retreats

    PWB believes that the outer peace is not possible without inner peace. It advocates the philosophy of “Peace in – Peace Out” (PIPO). Meditation retreats inculcate the deeper understanding of peace and inner peace in individuals and help them improve their focus, which resultantly helps them become peaceful citizens.   

  • C-Peace Education

    Peace Education is our academic discourse on the subjects of extremism, radicalism, violent extremism (VE), radicalism to violent extremism (RVE), countering violent extremism (CVE) and building a counter narrative (narrative of peace) in the society. We’d be benefiting from and popularizing work done on peace education and development by the authors from around the world.  

  • D- Together for Peace (Radio Show)

    Together for Peace is our weekly radio program that on FM100 Islamabad Pakistan that shares the mandate of Peace Without Borders by inviting various peace experts, academics, peace activists, writers and bloggers on peace, and people from different strata of life who would share their experiences on peace building. 



These are the notable people of Pakistan, who believe in AmnQalaab’s message and have given their full support.

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    Khaled Anam

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    Sana Bucha

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    Yousuf B. Qureshi

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    Shakeel Sb

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    Yasra Rizvi

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    Saman Ansari

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    Junaid Akram



AmnQalaab is an All-Inclusive Compassion driven campaign, which works towards a tolerant, better Pakistan. Few of our deliverables are: